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The North American Indian Association of Detroit has been producing the Native Sun monthly newsletter since the mid 1970’s.
The Native Sun provides organizational information in a creative way for the community at large.

During the first stages of the Native Sun the information we used helped to inform people of our services that the center was providing along with the eligibility process, letters from the Editor and Executive Director,  community announcements, featured writings /artwork from clients or community members and a calendar of events. 

In today’s Native Sun, while holding onto the original format we have created a new trendy community newsletter that we hope all we appreciate and enjoy!

The newsletter includes a letter from the Board of Directors President, Executive Director, intertribal recipes, program updates, agency listings, Native American news stories, announcements, community profiles (new), Kid’s Page, community calendar, helping tips, cultural/language spread, membership application and much more…

The native sun produces 6 fully illustrated issues a year which are free if we have your e-mail on our ever-growing e-blast list. If you don’t have an e-mail, but are still interested in the native sun no problem just fill out the native sun subscription form and send it back to us with $10.00. 
Because the native sun covers its own expenses we have to charge a subscription fee of $10.00 to cover postage, paper, and ink costs to all hard copy recipients.

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Please help support the
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